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New Ice hockey watercolour paintings in the website

Stay with him! 2020. 50 x 70 cm, watercolour on paper
Resurrection (Hockey players) 2020. 21,5 x 30,5 cm, watercolour on paper

Silver Diploma in the Hungarian Journalsits Community IV. Spring Exhibition closing event. Can bee seen all the artworks of the exhibition in the Hungarian Muse June edition.
Photo: Zsófia Vida

My coffeehouse paintings in the Hungarian Journalists Community Spring Exhibition
from 25 May until 1 July. Open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-12:30.
The exhibition can be viewed other times after consulting on the phone +3612093494
Adress: Budapest XI. Bartók Béla út 31. entryfhone 7. 3 floor 1-2. door.

Published in the Apokrif quarantine separate number. From me a previous, but the last couple of weeks again current paintings can be seen between 18 poets, writers and 11 artists in the company. Thank you for the invitation. Turn the pages and look at here online!

Sándor Balázs art historian writing from my latest exhibition “Drive” in the Apokrif Literary Online Journal. Thank you for the publications to the editors.

My coffeehouse paintings can be seen in the Spring Exhibition of the Hungarian Journalists Community Artspace. The exhibition can be viewed with phone login +3612093494
Budapest XI Bartók Béla út 31. III. floor 1-2.

Night terrace I. 2009. 65 x 95 cm, oil on canvas
Night terrace II. 2009. 90 x 80 cm, oil on canvas

My café paintings can be seen in the Hungarian Journalists Community Artspace. Thank you for the invitation. The opening ceremony indefinitely postponed.

Interview with me on the website of the First University Radio in Pest.
Audible and to download as from 27 november. Thank you for the invitation Anna Rácz.


You can read a program guide for my exhibition in the Girls on the Bike Magazine.
Thank you for the interview Anikó Wéber!

Tamás Opánszki: Winner 2010. 42 x 62 cm, tempera on paper

Image of the Saturday night celebration (Piano Art Café Gallery)
The photo gallery can be viewed here in the webiste Exhibition map
and the facebook site:

Fotó: Flórián Fazekas