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Interview with me on the website of the First University Radio in Pest.
Audible and to download as from 27 november. Thank you for the invitation Anna Rácz. http://eper.elte.hu/index.php/2019/11/27/ezerarcu-muveszet-lenduletben-a-kepzomuveszet/

Photo: eper.elte.hu

You can read a program guide for my exhibition in the Girls on the Bike Magazine.
Thank you for the interview Anikó Wéber!

Tamás Opánszki: Winner 2010. 42 x 62 cm, tempera on paper

Image of the Saturday night celebration (Piano Art Café Gallery)
The photo gallery can be viewed here in the webiste Exhibition map
and the facebook site: https://hu-hu.facebook.com/opanszkitamaspainter/

Fotó: Flórián Fazekas

You can read a story about my solo exhibition in the Motorrevü Online Magazine.
Thank you for the interview Zoltán Töltéssy!

Tamás Opánszki: Mozgás X. (Talma) 70 x 100 cm, olaj, vászon

I cordially invite you, family and friends 2019. 11. 09. Saturday, at 18:00
exhibition opening party DRIVE by painter Tamás Opánszki
to the Piano Art Cafe Gallery.

I show my painting Hockey players VIII. at an exhibition

Hockey players 2002. 50 x 60 cm, oil on canvas

My motorcycle painting in the Dimensions Exhibition

My new painting the Blue Flower (Gesture) can be seen in Nádasdy-castle Sárvár!
The exhibition opens on 13 July at 14 o’clock.
Thank you for the invitation. Check out the exhibition until 30 September!

Sárvár 1

Welcome everyone to the opening ceremony! The exhibition is open until the end of April. Please sign in on the phone number below: +36-1-209-3494. You can see a café painting from me. Thank you for the invitation to the Hungarian Journalists Community!

Day of the Hungarian Painting in the Piano Art Café. Thank you for the invitation.