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Interview with me on the website of the First University Radio in Pest.
Audible and to download as from 27 november. Thank you for the invitation Anna Rácz.


You can read a program guide for my exhibition in the Girls on the Bike Magazine.
Thank you for the interview Anikó Wéber!

Tamás Opánszki: Winner 2010. 42 x 62 cm, tempera on paper

Image of the Saturday night celebration (Piano Art Café Gallery)
The photo gallery can be viewed here in the webiste Exhibition map
and the facebook site:

Fotó: Flórián Fazekas

You can read a story about my solo exhibition in the Motorrevü Online Magazine.
Thank you for the interview Zoltán Töltéssy!

Tamás Opánszki: Mozgás X. (Talma) 70 x 100 cm, olaj, vászon

I cordially invite you, family and friends 2019. 11. 09. Saturday, at 18:00
exhibition opening party DRIVE by painter Tamás Opánszki
to the Piano Art Cafe Gallery.

I show my painting Hockey players VIII. at an exhibition

Hockey players 2002. 50 x 60 cm, oil on canvas

My motorcycle painting in the Dimensions Exhibition

My new painting the Blue Flower (Gesture) can be seen in Nádasdy-castle Sárvár!
The exhibition opens on 13 July at 14 o’clock.
Thank you for the invitation. Check out the exhibition until 30 September!

Sárvár 1

Welcome everyone to the opening ceremony! The exhibition is open until the end of April. Please sign in on the phone number below: +36-1-209-3494. You can see a café painting from me. Thank you for the invitation to the Hungarian Journalists Community!

Day of the Hungarian Painting in the Piano Art Café. Thank you for the invitation.