2020. – My watercolor Chinese fast-food published
in the Apokrif quarantine separate number

2017. – My watercolor Garden in the Apokrif Literary Magazine
2017. spring, X. year, grade 1.

– Published in the Star Hostel cultural street magazine 11. grade 4.
My café-tango paintings and graphics illustrate the current exhibition.
As you can read in Ádám Gábor Nyerges poem of This is a café -which was offered to me. On the front page you can see the graphic of Szabolcs Karikó.

2011. – My painting Mobil in the cover of István Vörös poet’s book
“In the end of the Kant Street”

– Apokrif Literature Magazine 2011.02. summer
Daniel Veress: Perpetuum mobile (About Tamás Opánszki paintings) page 61-64.